The relationship of some biomechanical variables with the achievement of 50 m freestyle swimming for youth


Abstract:Swimming is among the most popular sporting events in the world because of its wide popularity and great interest among all age groups, whether as a recreational aspect that achieves a lot of physical and health gains or as a side that points towards competition and athletic achievement through various competitions and competitions.Biomechanics has contributed to its various Kinetic and Kinetic laws to provide a significant amount of reliable information, which is use in sports training through mechanical analysis in a qualitative way and this require to design and manufacture devices and advanced technical tools according to scientific visions for the research problem.The researchers noticed that the Iraqi swimming achievements is still far from that of Arabs countries nor Asian countries, the lack of accurate performance information helps the trainer improve performance, and there is a lack of studies of 50m freestyle swimming, which deals with both kinematic and kinematic.Research problem is the absence of accurate data on the amount of force exerted by the swimmer on the surrounding water medium. The imposition of the research, there is a statistically significant relationship between the biomechanical variables and the achievement of 50 m freestyle.Field of research: the Iraqi freestyle swimming from 22/4/2017 until 30/8/2017.The methodology of the research, the researchers used the descriptive method. The sample of the research was six swimmers representing the Iraqi team swimming for youth.The most important conclusions of the variables investigated have an effect on the achievement of the most important recommendations attention to biomechanical variables synchronized with the physical capabilities