Histological Effects of Uranyl Acetate on the New Born of Liver Maternal


This study aimed to determine the histological effects of Uranyl acetate on liver of newborn maternal. 12 mature females, Swiss Albino rats were used in this study. Animals were divided in to two main groups. The first group, received, distilled water and used as control. While the second group received daily Uranyl acetate orally (75 mg / kg b.w). The pops were subdivided in to two subgroups. The first was killed at the age of two weeks and the second was killed at four weeks. The administration was done, from the first day of gestation and labor, lactation; and then continuous for two and four weeks. All pops were, dissected and specimen from the liver obtained for histological study.the following results were obtained: The histological study revealed that clear changes in hepatic tissue were observed like: Hypertrophy, atrophy of some hepatic cells, necrotic cells, and infiltration with inflammatory cells, hemorrhage and certain vaculation in the hepatic cells.