Effect of knowledge management enabling factors in creation organizational value


Abstract Organizations have recognized that knowledge, effective use, the acquisition and rapid use of new knowledge are the only source of sustainable competitiveness in a competitive context. In particular, they are increasingly recognized that knowledge resource management maximizes employment opportunities and minimizes the risk of lost opportunities. The foundation of organizational capacity development lies in the company's ability to perform business and deliver targeted value propositions. The purpose of the present research is to analyze of enabling knowledge management factors as an explanatory variable in creating value for organizations as a response variable. To this end, the researcher chose two Iraqi universities to be a field of research. The sample consisted of 30 teachers from each university, The sample uses the advanced statistical programs (Smart Plus, Spss V.20) The research came out with a number of conclusions, the most important of which was the existence of a difference in the level of factors enabling the management of knowledge between the universities of the research sample and the existence of a significant impact in achieving the value of the organization and One of the most important recommendations of the research was to consider the availability and use of modern Techniques in the work of the university for its services, ease and speed of performance that will contribute to enhancing the value of the organization.Key words: knowledge management enablers, Organizational Value, use of modern Techniques.