Antimicrobial study of azo-imidazole (five cycles) compounds


Azo-imidazole compounds are class of important organic compounds that are containing ( azo group with imine group, hetero cycles with hetero atoms ) which considered to be the previously derivatives that have pharmacological and biological activities toward many types of pathogenic organisms due to their content of nitrogen and chlorine atoms in their structures. We prepared four types of azo- imidazole derivatives (C15, C16, C17 and C18) at three different concentrations (5, 10 & 20 mg/ml-1) to study their antimicrobial activity against two types of bacteria (E. coli and P. vulgaris) and two types of fungi (A. niger & P. chrysogenum) and we found the best derivatives antibacterial and anti-fungal activity were (C16 and C18) at concentration (20 mg/ml-1) compared with other types through their ability to inhibit the growth of microbial isolates.