Measuring the Quality of Government Web Service According to (NetQual) Scale an Exploratory Study for a Sample of Social Media Users


Electronic websites has a great importance through its ability to provide services. According to that, it was necessary to pay attention to quality of these sites and improving them. This will lead to achieves advanced stages to satisfy users. The research hypotheses were formulated based on research objective. The concerns of these objectives are discovering the quality of service of investigated sites in terms of level of service provided to users. Hypotheses were tested statistically according to responses of a random sample of social network (Facebook) users, which consist from (186) users. The electronic questionnaire was used to collect data, and then analyze to reach to conclusion that the websites can improve the quality of services provided to customers. If the service provided to the customer is characterized by the ease and accuracy and speed of implementation, the quality will be higher. It also shows that the government websites researched is characterized by modernity and constant renewal, but if compared with the counterparts from sites in the world's most developed countries can be considered not good. The research suggest to pay more attention to them more and in a way that facilitate providing services to customers from these government departments, and only fulfilling tasks through the Internet only.