Contemporary social variables in the liberated areas and their impact on the Iraqi child


University of Baghdad women's studies centerThe series of social variables that have taken place in childhood in Iraq at the beginning of the twenty-first century are serious and frightening. This study attempts to show all aspects and factors that directly and indirectly affect the factors that cause violence against children in the context of armed conflict. Emphasis on showing the most important forms of violence against the Iraqi child at the present stage, and what are the serious consequences that necessitate stopping and taking control through study and research to determine the causes of serious and what mechanisms of treatment required by this phenomenon, which if neglected, the results of The research dealt with the most important concepts and terminology contained in it. The current research dealt with the contemporary variables of the current stage and their impact on childhood in Iraq. The study assigned many important studies as well as dealing with the most important theories that agree with the current research methodology and subject,Current research aims to Study the most important contemporary social variables experienced by the Iraqi child first:Second: the role of those variables after the displacement on Iraqi childhoodThe most important contemporary social variables according to the researcher's point of viewFirst: family disintegration of displaced familiesSecond: the recruitment of children by terrorist organizationsThird: Education in the areas that have been subject to the organization of an advocateSolutions and treatmentsAfter study and research, the researcher reached important points that contribute to the development of solutions and treatments, which isFirst: the need to rehabilitate the families that were under the control of Deadest in accordance with the best programs for the rehabilitation of more than half of the families do not live in a quiet family atmosphere reflected negatively on the mental health of the child in the camps of displacement and the need to provide all the necessary necessities for decent living.Second: Many children suffer from family and social disintegration and the negative phenomena that affect the child directly, especially the belief of many children that parents are unable to protect them from the dangers of war, orphanage, deprivation of services, health, social, psychological and educational care, poverty and homelessness, Especially for the care and rehabilitation of children according to the basis of educational scientific professional by specialists in the field of social welfare and mental health and provide all the necessary needs for the child to correct the path of destructive ideas adopted by the generation in Principles emphasize family belonging and patriotismThird: Protecting children from exploitation in all its forms and activating the laws and legislations related to this and amending the conventions related to the rights of the child in accordance with the technology of the age and raise the level of awareness of children about the negative aspects of the use of information technology and protection of children from the dangers and adoption of clear national legislation and comprehensive, Drawing up policies and plans that involve human rights, especially children's rights, and protect them from all forms of violence and extremism.Fourth: The need to conclude an international convention on the protection of children during armed conflicts and ratified by Iraq and countries that have witnessed armed conflicts and cooperation according to international legal foundations guarantee the rights of children in all circumstances, especially during wars and crises and to provide full protection for that important segment of society under supervision and international support Of human rightsFifthly: Protecting children from the dangers of the Internet and raising awareness by educational, media and security institutions according to an awareness-raising curriculum that warns children against the dangers of provocative ideas, falling into the electronic extortion network, engaging in terrorist organizations, providing full immunity for children by competent authorities, and training them on the mechanism of optimal use of social media. Smooth, granular and scientifically correctElimination of sectarianism and an emphasis on belonging and patriotism Sixth:Seventh: To promote peaceful coexistence through dialogue and community participation among the Iraqi society and build bridges to reject the policy of violence and raise the level of social, health and political awareness in order to build a homeland based on belonging and sacrifice for it. The researcher also reached many important recommendations and suggestions that serve the research