Uses of comet assay techniques to evaluate the effect of green synthesis of nanoparticles of Origanum Vulgare plant for the treatment of lymphocyte cells damage in diabetic patients


Background: Silver nanoparticles are characterized with a high production techniques, in this study nanoparticles were manufactured using Origanum vulgare water extract and AgnO3.Objective: Experimental factors such as morphology and optical properties of nanoparticles were studied through specific assay such as morphology, spectroscopy of UV rays (UV-Visible), FE-SEM, FT-IR, and Atomic Force Analysis (AFM). Materials and Methods: showed that the spherical nanoparticles were found using TEM, with an average particle size distribution of 44.2 ± 88.1 nm with more than one active plant substance used within the Nano silver compound. In addition, the green nanoparticles have a response in treatment of damage in DNA based on the dose and structure of the nanoparticle in the lymphocytes of the patient with diabetic cells.Results &conclusion: These nanoparticles can be considered healthy and can be used without harming healthy parts. The DNA rate in lymphocyte cells was calculated for patients with diabetes using the comet technique. The results showed that the rate of destruction of lymphocytes was reduced for diabetic patient.