AI-Hawadith Al-Jami'a Wal-Tajarub Al-Nafi'a Fi Al-Mi'a Al-Sabi'a by Ibn al-Futi (d. 723 A.H./1323 A.D) a Source for Studying of the History of Mosul


The research of aims at studying some texts from the book of al-Futi(d. 723 A.H./l323 A.D.) that entitled “Al-Hawadith Al-Jami'a WalTajarub Al-Nafi'a Fi Al-Mia Al-Sabia”, which tackling the history of Mosul during the period (631-688 A.H./l233-1289 A.D.). This book may be regarded as one of the most important political local history that concerning the history of Iraq during the seventh hundred.The research comes to the conclusion that his historical Materialabout Mosul at that time, came within the context of events and deathsthat included in the above mentioned book. Moreover, the book contains valuable material, and Worthwhile that relate to the political, administrative, economic, and social conditions, in addition to mention biographies of famous characters in the city.