Optimal Kinetic Parameters of Trickle bed Reactor for Oxidation of 2-Proplymercaptan in Naphtha


The best kinetic of the reaction are estimated based on experimental data obtained from the literature using parameter estimation technique. The best mathematical model for oxidative 2-proplymercaption via oxygen is taking into account the apparent intrinsic kinetics considering internal diffusion and TBR hydrodynamic effect on the reaction process mainly , catalyst wetting efficiency, catalyst effectiveness factor, Thiele model and the effective diffusivity. The optimal operating condition for oxidative process is carried out utilizing. The optimization technique based upon the minimization of the sum squared error between experimental and predicted composition of naphtha oxidative process to determine the best parameters of kinetics models. The predicted product compositions for oxidation process found to be a good agreement with the experimental data for wide range of operating conditions (2.5-10 hr-1, 75-300 ppm and 293- 353K) with minimum error 5% among all results