A basketball curriculum for people with obesity in Down Syndrome and its effect on leptin concentration and some functional indicators


That obesity is one of the problems of the age, especially if accompanied with one of the genetic diseases such as Down syndrome, which suffers mental retardation and health in the circulatory system and respiratory and hormonal regulation compared to compare and so the researcher dealt with the problem of treatment and rehabilitation of people with obesity Down syndrome through a basketball program and the sample Bammar 12 - 13 years at the Hebba Allah Institute for the Education and Training of Down Syndrome and in two experimental and control groups and for the development of fitness and functional and chemical enhancement, especially protein fat, blood sugar and leptin hormone, which has the effect of regulating nutrition processes. Vzt researcher educational approach coupled with exercise oxygen for a period of 12 weeks and by three weekly units have reached a set of recommendations that the most important educational curriculum prepared for him after a big positive in weight loss and transformation of the sample mass index in the first class to the index weight gain. In the past, no differences were observed in the Institute's traditional approach to the control group