Zero order and first Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of pb(II) by Complex with N,N'-cyclohexane-l,2-diylidene-bis (4-methaxybenzoythydrazide) (CHMBH)


In this work, two novel, accurate and reliable spectrophotometric methods have been developed for the determination of pb(II) ion by complexion with the ligand N,N'-cyclohexane-l,2-diylidene-bis(4-methaxybenzoythydrazide (CHMBH). In this study, pb(II) ion was determined by the application of Zero order and first Derivative Spectrophotometric by measuring the amplitude at 258 nm, The linearity ranges for both methods were found to be 20–55 mg/l, Limit of Detection and Quantitation were found to be 0.33 mg/l and 1 mg/l for zero order and 1.438 mg/l and 4.360 mg/l for first derivative method respectively.Both methods have good accuracy found to be 99.594% and 100.497% respectively.