Using a Developing Approach to Improve the Performance of an Industrial Water System


The present work involves a field application case in a one of the industrial sector companies for a reverse osmosis (RO)– industrial water system with a capacity of 80 m3/hr.Microfiltration equipment and their parts in the pretreatment subsystem had been dealt with via pursuing a reliability oriented developing approach deduced from matching between an improved recent qualitative approach which is (Site Applications of Quality Characteristics Evaluating and Activating Design Standardization (SAQCEADS+)) approach and qualitative considerations inspired by process based approach in project engineering quality management : qualitative enhancing , rehabilitating , and executing. In that context replacing of microfiltration equipment had been conducted to be as 75 m3/hr flow rate for each equipment instead of 60 m3/hr in order to solve the increase occurred in pressure drop between the inlet and outlet of the micro (cartridge) filter equipment. Also, induced vibrations in the system had been reduced via utilizing flexible joints and metal supports for the plastic pipes subsystem in the pretreatment system. Conducting of the developing approach adopted by the present work resulted in an improvement in turbidity value of the treated water. Also , it encompasses some of what can contribute in system quality boosting, its performance upgrading, and reliability enhancing in an endeavor to approach horizons of continual improvement and future development in that field