Frequency Dependent Capacitance –Voltage and Current Density Characteristic of Al/PS/p-Si Heterojunction


In this paper, formation of microstructures porous silicon layer (PS) on c-Si substrate p-type with resistivity’s10 Ω.cm which was prepared by the electrochemical etching (ECE) is presented. The etching current densities (40 and 50 were used in the electrochemical etching procedure leading to the formation of 1.08 µm and 1.34µm thick porous layers respectively at constant etching time 300sec. From the current – voltage characteristics of the PS/p-Si, the potential barrier were determined and found to be (0.54 and 0.53 eV) respectively. C-V measurements performed on metal/porous silicon/crystalline silicon structures with different etching current densities and frequency depended