Photo-Physical Studies of PVC Mixed with Organotin (IV) Complexes


PVC undergoes through many damaging changes upon the exposure to UV light. The rate of photodecomposition constant have been calculated for PVC films as a method for evaluating the efficiency of the organotin(IV) complexes Me2Sn(L)2, Bu2Sn(L)2 and Ph3Sn(L) that are used as a photostabilizers after 300 hour of irradiation. The results have showed that the additives had reduced the rate of photodecomposition constant of PVC films significantly with comparison to PVC (blank). The (Kd) value for PVC films was the highest (1.04 × 102 sec1) in the absence of any additives, and the lowest value (4.79 × 10-3 sec-1) was in the presence of dimethyltin (IV) complex. The surface morphology of PVC films examined utilizing the atomic force microscope (AFM).