Mode and Complications of Delivery in Pregnant Women Who Had Used Cervical Cerclage


Background: A cerclage is used to prevent early changes in a woman’s cervix, thus preventing premature labor, but many complications of cerclage may occur such as infections as vaginal discharge due to vulvovaginitis, bleeding, and abortion.aim of study: study the Complications of delivery in pregnant women who had used cervical cerclage.Subject and method: This A cross sectional study conducted in Obstetri Cesarean section and Gynecology ward and outpatient clinic in Salah Al-Din Teaching Hospital at the period from the first of March 2018 to the end of August 2018. Convenience sample of (120) women in different ages. Results: The mean abortions number of pregnant women was (2±1); 10% of them had no abortion and 66.7% of them had 1-2 abortions Diabetes mellitus was recorded for one pregnant woman only and hypertension was observed in 10 pregnant women. The venous thromboembolic disease was found in 3 women, while 13.3% of pregnant women were taking drugs in pregnancy53.2% of surgical operations were CSs, cervical surgery or tear 46.8, In previous pregnancy, the GESTATIONAL AGE was less than 37 weeks was observed in 24.4% of pregnant women. Cesarean section was done in 31.7% of previous pregnancies and home delivery was done in 4.2% of previous pregnancies. The current pregnancy outcomes of women were term birth (74.2%), late preterm birth (16.6%), unknown (loss of follow up) (6.7%), miscarriage (1.7%) and early preterm (0.8%. Mode of delivery for current pregnancy was distributed as following; normal vaginal delivery (65%), elective Cesarean section (30.8%) and emergency Cesarean section (4.2%). Maternal complications of pregnant women were none in 17.5%, while the main maternal complications were infection (54.2%), infection and bleeding (11.7%), infection, laceration of cervix and bleeding (3.3%), abortion and infection (2.5%), infection and trauma of cervix (2.5%), infection and slipping or premature rupture of membrane (2.5%), abortion (1.7%).conclusion: The infection is the common maternal complication after cervical cerclage.