New Techniques of Watermark Images using Bit Plane Slicing and Cubic-spline Interpolation


A watermark is a pattern or image defined in a paper that seems as different shades oflight/darkness when viewed by the transmitted light which used for improving the robustnessand security. There are many ways to work Watermark, including the addition of an image ortext to the original image, but in this paper was proposed another type of watermark is addcurves, line or forms have been drawn by interpolation, which produces watermark difficult tofalsify and manipulate it. Our work suggests new techniques of watermark images which isembedding Cubic-spline interpolation inside the image using Bit Plane Slicing. The Peak toSignal Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Mean Square Error (MSE) value is calculated so that thequality of the original image before and after the data embedding is evaluated.