Adsorption of Methyl Orange from Wastewater by using Biochar


The biochar prepared from sawdust raw material was applied in this study for the treatment of wastewater polluted with methyl orange dye. The effect of pH (2-11), initial concertation (50-250 mg/L) and time were studied. The isotherm of Langmuir, Frendluch and temkin models studied. The Langmuir model was the best to explain the adsorption process, maximum uptake was 136.67 mg/g at 25Co of methyl orange dye. Equilibrium reached after four hours of contact for most adsorbents.The values of thermodynamic parameters ∆G were negative at various temperatures, so the process spontaneous, while ∆H values were 16683 j/mol and ∆S values was 60.82 j/mol.k.