Banking merger in accordance with the law of the Iraqi banks no. (94)for the year 2004


Integration of banking, is the agreement that would lead to the Union of banks or more Zoubanhma involuntarily into a single banking entity so that the new entity a higher capacity and greater effectiveness in achieving the objectives could not be achieved before the completion of the banking merger and the formation of the new banking entity. And for the integration of the banking multiple types, it is where the legal form of a merger annexation and integration of mixing, and in terms of activity of banks have merged my head and integrate horizontal and integrate diverse, and in terms of the relationship between the parties to the merger will be the integration of voluntary and the integration of forced and integrate hostile, and enjoys a banking merger multiple advantages, including work on the basis of broad production by combining the banks to each other and turn them into a new and large bank, in addition to the banking merger leads to diversify its portfolio of loans and investments .per bank process certain actions to be followers to lead to the success of the integration process of these measures with the approval of the Central Bank of Iraq , the decision of the banking merger , as well as the availability of a decision of the General Authority for an absolute majority for each bank of banks, which want the merger process , and provide facility documents to the bank request Central , with the latter do an assessment of the financial situation of the banks involved in the merger and after the merger the central bank to write off the names of the merging banks and the combined record of the banks , in addition to that, there are certain conditions must be met for Tjah banking merger process