Examining the Impact of Different Thermosyphon Diameters and Working Fluids on Their Performance


This work was designed to examine the effect of variousthermosyphon diameters and working fluids on the thermosyphonperformance. A thermosyphon made from copper tubes with threedifferent external diameters 7, 13 and 22mm with thickness of 1mm isused in this work. The length of evaporator and condenser were 120 and300 mm respectively. Working fluids were water, acetone and Freon R11working fluids are tested. The obtained results have shown that thetemperature gradient was decreased when increasing the thermosyphondiameter. Also, the results showed that the Merit for water had thehighest value than the other working fluid at the operating range oftemperature. The results were shown the heat dissipation by thethermosyphon increased when increasing the thermosyphon diameter forall working fluids. Also the heat dissipation from the thermosyphon withworking fluid of water had a highest value of heat dissipation than theothers working fluids. The percentage decreased in the temperaturegradient by using thermosyphon with diameter of 22mm for water,acetone and Freon R11 were 73.53 %, 68,53 % and 52.35 % respectivelycompared with that without using thermosyphon