New formula for predication thermal conductivity for homologous alkanes series function of carbon number


The main aim of this paper is to establish a correlation for prediction the thermal conductivity of n-alkanes within a give temperature range for homologous n-alkanes series from CH4 to C30H62. The predicted thermal conductivity values depend on the temperature and carbon number for each alkanes component. This paper describes a method of predicting the thermal conductivity of any alkanes between the temperature range, based on a measurement of the thermal conductivity. Where prediction are based on lower temperature measurements, where the accuracy is generally better then 3.1% for 178 data points. Useful predictions can also be made from any temperature measurements for most alkanes, but with reduced accuracy. This method permits alkanes to be used in situations where the thermal conductivity is important without having to make (or find) direct measurements over the entire temperature range of interest. Recommended thermal conductivity values are presented for 30 components.