Evaluation the biological effect of two types of denture base materials reinforced with silanated glass fiber


Background: Many attempts to improve the mechanical properties of acrylic denture base materials by adding filler
such as silanated glass fiber (SGF). This new product (acrylic resin +SGF) need to evaluate its biocompatibility
because of its application in direct contact with the living tissue. The aim of this study was to evaluate the Biological
Effect of two types of denture base materials (heat-cured, light-cured) reinforced with randomly oriented short (SGF)
at four different times.
Materials and Methods: Specimens of heat and light cured denture base materials reinforced with (2mm length, 2wt
%) (SGF) was implanted in the subcutaneous tissue at the back of the Newsland rabbits. Biopsies for histopathological
observation were taken after (3days, 7days, 14days, and 30days).
Results: Histopathological observation showed mild to moderate inflammation in the subcutaneous tissue of the
rabbits, and tissue acceptance improved over times.
Conclusion: It was noted that silanated glass fiber is a biocompatible material when added to heat-cured and lightcured
resins. Both resins demonstrated good level of biocompatibility within the connective tissue of the rabbit.
Key word: Biological Effect, Denture Base Materials, silanated glass fiber. (J Bagh Coll Dentistry 2011;23(2):26-30).