Food Habits for Four Species of Local Fishes in a Euphrates River Al-Musayab City , Iraq


643 speciements of khishni Liza abu , sheliq Aspius vorax , Lassaf Alburnus caeruleus and big head Semmenan Alburnus capito were caught from Euphrates river at Al-Musayab city during the period from 2/1/2014 to 31/12/2014.The results of stomach contents of Paniliza abu showed that sand and mud matter came firistly formed 46.77% of fish diet ,followed by detritus then algae, non diagnosed digestive food,so the fish was omnivore . Analysis of foregut contents of Aspius vorax appeared that insects came firstly formed 26.95% followed by non identify digestive food ,detritus and small fishs,so the fish was carnivore. The results also revealed that the detritus ranked first in the foregut of Alburnus caeruleus formed 27.63% followed by non diagnosed digestive food and aquatic plants then insects, so the fish was omnivore.Results also showed that semmenan Alburnus capito was omnivore fish as the detritus got the highest ratio of diet formed % 30.2 followed by non diagnosed digestive food, diatoms , crustacea and insects.. As conclusion , all of species in this study were omnivore except Aspius vorax which was considered as a carnivore fish.