Childhood psoriasis a clinical and epidemiological study in Samawa city


Childhood psoriasis is common, but it has not been adequately reported in our city. This study was done to evaluate the epidemiological and clinical findings in children with psoriasis and to compare the data with those from other studies. Thirty children with psoriasis were taken in this study which is done in outpatients’ dermatological clinic during the period from July of 2018 to December of 2018. The age of our patients ranged from 6 months to 14 years, in which there are17 boys and 13 girls. The Plaque type psoriasis and generalized distribution were the commonest findings. Positive family in (36.6%), kernelization was (30%). The frequent symptom was pruritus (16.6%) and discomfort 10%. As a result, childhood psoriasis is a different entity from adult psoriasis, early diagnosis, and appropriate management are particularly important in children to solve long-term disease-related psychosocial problems.