Effects of Sintering Temperature on the Composite Titanium-hydroxyapatite Used in Bones and Teeth Ceramic's Application


A new system of functionally graded bones and teeth materials is considered in this study by sintering titanium with hydroxyapatite powders. Hydroxyapatite (HAP) was prepared by sol-gel method through the addition of pentoxide phosphoric acid to the suspension of calcium nitrate to give the ratio of Ca/P 1.67 by the limiting controlling of the variables like (pH, reaction temperature, ripening period and sintering temperature). Then HAP product was mixed with titanium powder at different ratios (20-60 wt), Followed by sintering temperature in range of 1000 and 1100ºC. The bioactivity was tested in simulated body fluid (SBF) by immersing the samples at several interval periods (1-4 weeks). The mean particles size was found in the range of 100 nm which considered to be convenient for using in medical applications