Patient satisfaction on the availability of chronic diseases medications Case study at Alemamain Alkhadimain medical city


AbstractIntroduction Patient satisfaction is an important and commonly used indicator for measuring the quality in medical care, Patient satisfaction affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, and medical malpractice claims,it affects the timely, efficient, and patient-centered delivery of quality medical care.Objective The aim of the research is to identify the level of satisfaction of patients with chronic diseases aboutsection of pharmacy, and the extent of availability of chronic disease medicationsat Alemamain Al- khadymain medical city, which is the research community.Method In this study, the study population was from patients with chronic diseases and those who are the inpatients and outpatients in Alemamain Alkhadimain medical city, and their number is(76576), who received treatment and had clear ideas about the level of medical services provided to them from the period of 1/11/2010 until 1/11/ 2011 , also included a group of pharmacists working in the pharmacy section and its units in the medical city and their number(46), who are responsible for the availability of chronic disease medicines for those patients.a random sample of 40 patients and 12 pharmacists was selected at the medical city and the forms completed through their interview,the collected data analyzed statisticallyby using the statistical package (SPSS(, to evaluate the level of satisfaction in the areas and aspects of the interview, as well as the testof the scientific hypotheses to determine the extent to which the personal characteristics of the patient affect his or her satisfaction on the hospital as a whole and his satisfactionon the availability of chronic diseases medications .RESULTSOne of the most important results from this research is that the level of general satisfaction of patients with chronic diseasesin the medical city were not acceptablewith(52.5%), while satisfaction on the availability of chronic disease medications show up (51%), and there was increase in general satisfaction for patients with chronic diseases on the medical city with the availability of medicines for chronic diseases, alsothere were many difficulties encountered in managing the hospitalin the development of strategies and medical policies for the provision of these medications in appropriate quantity and quality.