Market knowledge And its role in achieving Competitive advantage Applied research in Iraqi Cement state company))


AbstractThe current research dealt with a vital subject contributing In success Iraqi Industrial Companies general and Iraqi Cement state company A market knowledge, It is one of the most important industrial companies that Which serve to fill the local market need Of cement without resorting to import, The problem of research was limited understanding of the importance of the role played market knowledge of the tendencies and desires of competitors, This in turn affects the company's ability to achieve competitive advantages,The research aims to know the extent of adoption Iraqi Cement state company Concept market knowledge And employment achieving Competitive advantage By removing them (Cost, and quality, and delivery, and flexibility, and creativity), The research refers to testing the hypotheses of correlation between the variable market knowledge and competitive advantage in the company, and the research sample included (30) manager in company research, To achieve the objectives of the research and address the problem, the researcher relied on analytical methodological method and used the questionnaire as a main tool for data collection, and the research use statistical program (SPSS).The research found a number of conclusions, the most important of which was that the interest in market knowledge about competitors was not at the acceptable level of the company being investigated, As it does not rely on specialized and expert staff and does not determine its actual competitors in the target markets, Which requires the management of the company to increase attention to the existence of a marketing intelligence system that provides managers with information about competitors.