The Effect of Using Moodle E-Learning Platform on the Level of Information and Libraries Department Students: An Experimental Study


E-Learning plays a vital role in terms of enhancing the educational process with various tools that can raise the educations in different educational institutes. Hence, the e-learning platforms have been developed significantly. Due to this, we present our research which is about applying the e-learning using Moodle platform for the students of Libraries and Information Sciences Department. The research comes in two stages, in the first stage we conduct an E-Test using Moodle platform for a sample of students; the second stage is about distributing a questionnaire to measure the effect of using Moodle in E-learning for the students’ performance. The results proved that the majority of the students prefer employing Moodle as an effective E-learning tool due to its usability and functionality. The research suggests paying attention for adopting Moodle platform due to its privileges which can enhance the educational processes.