172 Characteristic features in the shedding of popular Iraqi poetry Preparation


Iraqi folk poetry is one of the most important Iraqi arts. The Iraqis began practicing it for many years as one of the methods of expression of joy, sadness, alienation and other emotional feelings. It was also used in the political field and in a collective way to express dissatisfaction and opposition to the demonstrations and demonstrations. From this point of view, the researcher considered the depth of the poetry of the popular Iraqi theater, aware of the methods of diction used in the field of folk poetry, I asked that there is representative performed by the poet himself used during the poetry poem, which carries the features of dramatic and also protected.From here, the researcher will highlight the features of the presentation of the folk Iraqi poetry, the study included four chapters, the first chapter: the methodological framework of the research, where the problem of research that raises the following question (Was there any representative features in the way of the Iraqi poet? The abilities and possibilities used by the popular poet in representative performance relative to the performance and possibilities of theatrical actor? Then, the importance of research in identifying the representative features in the Iraqi popular poetry and its interventions in theatrical art benefited researchers in the field of Iraqi popular poetry and theater studies The objective of the research is to reveal the representative features in Iraqi poetry, then the limits of research and definition of terminology.The second chapter deals with the theoretical framework of the research. It includes two sections. The first section deals with the historical stages of the development of the experience of folk poetry in Iraq. The second section deals with the acting of the Iraqi folk poetry. The chapter concludes with the theoretical frame of indicatorsThe third chapter includes the research procedures, namely, the research community, the research sample, the research tool, and the research methodology, and one presentation was chosen for the purpose of achieving the research objective. Chapter 4: contains the research results reached by the researcher,1- The shape of poet's body visual formation through acting, which was performed by signs and physical gestures through the movement of the trunk and hands and head and change facial expressions2- The acting performance of poets in the performance of the poem carries symbolic significance through the images expressed with the dimensions of humanistic dogma, was the main reason to stir the emotions of the public, which reaches the degree of tears sometimes. The chapter also contains conclusions, recommendations, proposals, and a list of sources and references