The battle of Agnadin and the early liberation of the Levant from the Romans (13 Hijri / 634 AD


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and prayer and peace on the master of the messengers and the seal of the prophets Muhammad and upon his companions and those who followed them faithfully to the day of religion. Either after The aim of this study is to shed light on the most important battles that took place during the era of The Rashidiya Caliphate, Which was one of the major battles in Islamic history since the beginning of the Islamic conquest movement, to liberate the regions and cities that were under the control of the Roman and Persian Empire, which lasted for many centuries, so this battle is the first great battles of Muslims against the Romans in Palestine, Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with him), the first brigade to open the Levant, to the companions of Khalid bin Said bin al-Aas and ordered him to camp in Taima north of the Hijaz, and recommended not to start the fight unless he is dead, and the companion meant by that the army of Khaled could provide help and support when necessary, and keep eyes on the moves of the Roman not to be a vanguard for the conquest of the Levant. As for the Romans, they were watching all the movements of Muslims closely, and they were afraid of any military developments in the battlefield, so we see them with a lot of concern and caution of the advance of the Muslim forces to areas under their rule, and see that they began planning and preparing well through the mobilization of armies and sending them to the areas adjacent to the Muslims, and having looked at the armies of the dispersed and scattered Muslims, they decided to circumvent them to confuse muslims, they sent an army to Amr bin Al-Aas in Palestine to be isolated and crushed, and at the same time another army started to move from Homs, leaded by Wardan, who’s one of the finest leaders, he took the inside way, to turn around Shirhabil Almurabit in the area of Bosra of the land of Horan to isolate and crush him, and then circumvent on Khaled and Abu Obeida, and siege them in the area of Damascus, claiming that they had cut off supply lines to them from the Arabian Gulf. Therefore, we note in the above through research and study and careful reading of the ancient historical sources, in which the historians cited many accounts of the role of the companion Omar ibn al-Aas in this battle and use of intelligence and maneuver in the confrontation of events, and the repercussions of this battle has emerged later, In the aftermath of the battles and wars fought by the Muslims on the front of the Sham, and other fronts and was the status was one of the status of the Great Battle of Badr between the invasions of the Prophet, it’s considered as the first battle which convulsed the pillars of the Byzantine state, and entered fear into the hearts of fighters as it was the first direct fighting of Muslims with a large number of Romans and has gained the experience to the Muslims .