The role of social values in the dimensions of the aesthetics of residential buildings and their impact in the march of urban development – field study of Erbil city- 2005- 2014


The changes in the social values of the Erbil city has been proved to have a significant impact on changing the dimensions of residential buildings at all level, especially the urban sphere and urban development . thus social values take their role through the process of change and seriously to prepare an urban environment for the aesthetics of residential building, especially when urban developments that take place in the city of Erbil cooperate the most levels of heritage modernity and engineering to be able to pave the way to create harmony with this reality, which emerged in the urban environment of the city of Erbil reflected directly or indirectly on the aesthetic dimensions , through the wave of modernity in directing the infrastructure of the society of Erbil towards urbanization and this is visible and can be observed all the social, economic, cultural, and political aspects of this area, perhaps this attention to the subjection of social values and their role in the change of society commonly and the aesthetic of residential buildings in particular , if it indicates anything, it indicates the importance of this subject and the value of researching and reflection. Therefore, the society of the city of Erbil is moving towards deepening the expansion of the phenomenon of urban land use patterns and this according to the reality seen by the urban environment in Erbil, both on the level of urban boundaries within the city or urban areas outside the city’s master plan.