The brutal manifestations and methods that accompanied the Mongol control of the city of Arbel in the light of historical sources


It was the departure of the Tatars to invade the Islamic country in its cities and cities, an event that can be described as a catastrophic event that Muslims could not repel neither by force nor by the use of ploy in time. For reasons of Suf, It is very easy to see in the history of the Mongol war that they entered the city did not destroy the whole city and killed all its inhabitants, do not differentiate between a man and a woman, nor between a baby and a young man, and between a young and old, and between unjust and oppressed, Terrible genocide, and bloodstorms that are not reached by the most animal As if their intention to annihilate the species, and annihilate the world, not the king and money, so we find the demand of everyone to survive himself, indifferent to what affects others In this research, we will try to shed light on these practices, manifestations and brutal methods that accompanied the Mughal control of the city of Arbil in their first campaign in 633 AH, then the second control of the city in 656 AH, and the great negative impact that was shown through it The magnitude of the killings and the great vandalism caused by these Mongols through what came to us from the historical sources that wrote about the tragedy of the era of them or transfer what he heard about this tragedy. The search section has to.