Chewing Khat and periodontal health status in Dhamar – Yemen


The clinical examination involves eighty one males Yemenis, in Dhamar of age 15-45 years old and of similar and regular daily habit of chewing Khat unilaterally at the left side of the oral cavity to enjoy the amphetamin - like effect of Khat as a stimulant in a company with their friends under special environment & social rules in Yemen since a lot of years ago.The sample was divided equally into three age groups, (15-24 years), (25-34 years) and (35-45 years). The periodontal health status examined clinically to measure the plaque index, gingival index and periodontal pocket depth.Measurements divided into three groups, non - chewing right site of the mandible, and chewing left buccal site and chewing left lingual site of the mandible in the same individual.The periodontal health status according to the three parameters, revealed that the scores at the chewing site were higher than that at the non - chewing site, and higher buccally than lingually at the same chewing site.With the age and prolong abuse of Khat chewing, the scores increased and the periodontal pocket depth significantly differed in the age group (35-45 years) than the (15-24 years) and (25-34 years), age group. The periodontal pockets were significantly higher buccally than lingually at the same chewing site, may be due to the manner of Khat chewing, where the leaves of Khat accumulate gradually and held in the lower buccal pouch unilaterally in a bolus for several hours daily.