An analysis for the variability of soft tissue facial profile


The purpose of this study was to investigate whether there is relationships between the skeletal craniofacial structures and the variability of facial profile. The sample consist of 100 cephalometric films [50 males & 50 females for adults (18-25years) having normal dental class I occlusion] collected from POP department, collage of dentistry in Mosul university. The sample classified according to skeletal classification into class I, II, & III also classified according to the profile into:- cisprofile,orthoprofile&transprofiles We measured the length of 3 skeletal bases, in addition to the position of pogonion& the thickness of soft tissue covering the anterior aspect of middle and lower face area. The variables entered spss computer system for analysis, we found that males have more skeletal CII & III than females, but females have more skeletal Cl II. males have larger records for all the variables & the difference is significant