Optimization Using Taguchi Method for Physical and Mechanical Properties of Bio Mimicking Polymeric Matrix Composite for Orthodontic Application


This work take in consideration the application of Taguchi optimizationmethodology in optimizing the parameters for processing (composition,compounding pressure) and their effects on the output physical (Density and trueporosity) properties and mechanical(fracture strength and microhardness)properties for the Nano HA,Al2O3 fillers reinforced HDPE hybrid compositematerial for orthodontic application. An orthogonal array of the Taguchiapproach was used to analyses the effect of the processing parameters on thephysical and mechanical properties. On the other hand, the surface roughnessand particle size distribution were also calculated to study their effect on theoutput properties. The result shows that the Taguchi approach can determine thebest combination of processing parameters that can provide the optimal physicaland mechanical conditions, which are the optimum values (the optimumcomposition was15HA/ 5Al2O3/80HDPE, and optimum compounding pressurewas102 MPa.