Evaluation of Ibuprofen, Clarithromycin and Suprax efficacy on swelling following apicectomy


The effect of Suprax, Clarithromycin antibiotics and brufennonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug on the postoperative swelling after apicectomy of one upper anterior teeth was evaluated on sixty eight patients suffering from chronic periapical lesion requiring apicectomy without retrograde filling. They were divided into (5) groups according to the type of medicament administered postoperatively.The patients were examined in the 2ndand 7thpostoperative day for evaluation of postoperative swelling that may occur in the upper lip after apicectomy. The evaluation has been made by measuring the lip thickness by Sliding ruler method,face bow method and computerized photographic method. The results showed that Brufen tablets proved better control for postoperative swelling, Clarithromycin tables, also produce significant reduction in the amount of swelling whereas Suprax capsules and paracetamol tablets produce no significant effect postoperative swelling compared to placebo.