Caries-preventive effect of topical APF gel with three different frequencies of application in 9-11 years old school children in Ninevah


This is the first study carried out in Iraq that aimed at evaluating the effect on dental caries of Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride (APF) gel applied topically with different frequencies (once per year vs. twice per year vs. four times a year).A sample of (235) school children [116 (49.36%) males and 119 (50.64%) females) initially in the fourth grade (aged 9-11 years) were collected from (4) primary schools in Mosul city Centre. The children were allocated randomly to (3) experimental groups and one control group. The first group received (0.49%) APF gel four times a year for (4) minutes. The second group received (0.4%) APF gel once per year for (4) minutes; whereas the third group received (0.4%) APF gel twice per year for (4) minutes.Two examinations were done using DMFT and DMIFS indices: one before fluoride application and the other after one year.The results showed a reduction in dental caries (with respect to DMFT index, and in comparison with the control group) of (112.8%) for the first group,(35.9%) for the second group, and (80.4%) regarding the third group. With respect to DMFS index, and in comparison with the control group, the reduction in dental caries was (97.3%),(32.8%), and (72.6%), respectively.The best benefit from using topically applied APF gel was, therefore, achieved from applying (0.4%) gel four times a year for (4) minutes.