Provisional versus histopathological diagnosis of periapical lesions


One hundred and thirteen cases of periapical lesions associated with-vital anterior teeth are analysed and reported. The associated teeth were apicoectomised and the lesions were measured grossly and interpreted histopathologically. It was found that(66) out of (72) cases (91.7 %) provisionally diagnosed as periapical granuloma or chronic periapical abscess show correct diagnosis histopathologically, whereas of (41) cases provisionally diagnosed as periapicalradicular cyst only (24)(58.5%) show correct diagnosis histopathologically. It was found also that (29)periapical lesions out of (30)diagnosed histopathologicallyas periapical radicular cyst measured more than (10) mm of(83)periapical lesions diagnosed histopathologically as agranuloma or abscess,(71) measured less than1 (10) mm.