Time and order of eruption of primary teeth for children in Mosul City, Iraq


The aims of the study were to determine the time and sequence of eruption of primary teeth. Also, to determine the differences in timing of tooth emergence according to side, jaw and gentler variation.Tinning and sequence of cruption were studied cross-sectionally in a group of (1843) children from Mosul City, Iraq:(940) were males and(903) were females aged between (2-37)months. The data were statistically analysed by using Karber's analysis in order to compute the mean and standard deviation of emergence.The results showed that there are no significant differences between the mean time of corresponding right and left teeth in both genders. The findings of the study indicated that the males have their primary teeth to emerge earlier than those of females. The differences between the two genders are clearly seen in the eruption of maxillary lateral incisor and maxillary first molar. The males acquired all their primary teeth to emerge in shorter time span than the females (difference 2.04 months).The results demonstrated that the maxillary teeth emerge before their mandibular opposing teeth in males with the exception of central incisor. However, in females, the mandibular teeth emerge before their maxillary opposing teeth with the exception of the canine and second molar.A specific sequence of primary teeth emergence was found in both arches and for both genders. In general, the emergence of primary teeth started with the emergence of mandibular central incisor and ended with mandibular second molar.