Modeling the Plasma Frequency for F2-Region Using Modified Chapman Function and NeQuick2 Model over Different Geographical Locations and Months


Abstract- This study aims to modeling the plasma frequency profile of the F2region as a function of geographical location and month of the year. The mostimportant model and function used are Chapman function and NeQuick 2 modelwhich have been defined both by exponential function. These models need someionospheric parameters such as the critical frequency of F2 layer (foF2),maximum peak height (hmF2), semi thickness (ymF2), and the M factor (M (3000)F2). The results of these models are compared with the results of the InternationalReference Ionosphere (IRI) model. For north hemisphere, the results of Chapmanfunction has great fit with the results of IRI2012 model for low and high latitudes.For southern hemisphere the MAPE has greater values at high latitudes and dropsto low latitudes. For NeQuick model, MAPE has a periodic behavior withlatitudes. The monthly mean of the MAPE of the results obtained by modeling theplasma frequency profile using Chapman function and NeQuick2 model equal0.466 and 0.259. The analysis of the MAPE for ten months gives a best correlationbetween the MAPE and foF2.