Evaluation of raw and treated water quality of Hilla River within Babylon province by index analysis


In this paper some water treatment plants spreading in three districts (Al-Sadaa, Al-Hilla Al- Jadeed, Al-Hashimiyia) in Babylon governorate were studied to evaluate water quality. The samples of raw and treated were taken from water treatment plants,eight parameters were considered during a period of one year (pH, turbidity, electric conductivity, total alkalinity, total hardness, Ca, Mg, Cl). starting from September 2013 until September 2014. The results showed that the maximum values of all physical and chemical parameters were within Iraqi standards except turbidity and conductivity.The results showed that the values of the MNE WQI at all water treatment plants were between (0.8145-1.59) for raw water and the MNE WQI ranged between (0.495-0.87) for treated water and all values of MNE WQI indicated that the (raw and treated) water is clean, few of them can be referred as slightly polluted in raw water of Al-Sadaa WTP (1.59) and treated water of Al-Hashimiya WTP (0.9376).