As the sustainable construction intends to optimize the use of natural resources and because of the important of water resources, the self -curing could be assigned as sustainable strategy.This study introduces self-curing cement sand mortar with specific properties concern compressive strength, consistency by using sodium polyacrylate as additive. The sodium polyacrylate has wide ranges of uses for many purpose, for its ability to absorbe water and its good mechanical, physical and chemical properties. This study assesses the possibility of using it with traditional raw materials for developing self-curing high workability cement sand mortar which could be useful in many construction applications such as ferrocement slabs and building partitions. The study assigned the possibility of using sodium polyacrylate in gel fashion within cement sand mix as efficient additives for self-curing, as well as its positive effect upon compressive strength and consistency of cement sand mortar comparing with specimens cured with traditional technique of immersing them within water for week. Specimens of sodium polyacrylate to cement ratio (S/C) between 1 to 5 % as gel (with constant water cement ratio, W/C=50%) developed significant strength improvement in absent of any curing techniques, compressive strength upgrading ratio assigned between 1.12 to 1.25 with respect to specimens cured by water for seven days while excellent ratio (1.37) associated with positive effect of specific W/C ratio beside sodium polycraylate effect.