The reality of implementing stages of Total Quality Management (T.Q.M) An exploratory study of a sample of faculty members at Jihan National University/ Erbil Governorate


TQM is a comprehensive philosophical and administrative framework in organization in general and universities in particular because of their strategic role in upgrading the scientific level of universities by making education in conformity with the standards of academic and global accreditation on the one hand and the satisfaction of faculty members and students alike. In light of this, the study aims to clarify the reality of implementing TQM stages at the Jihan National University in Erbil. After studying the university's reality and personal visits conducted by the research, data and information were collected through the use of (90) questionnaires were designed for this purpose. 110 questionnaire forms were distributed to the faculty members of the researched institution, and their total recoveries were retrieved (6) forms that are not valid for analysis. After the data collection was analyzed by the SPSS. To the conclusion of the most important in the planning stage as the participation of faculty members in the development of the foundation of planning and change an important role and effective in adopting new ideas in order to overcome the difficulties and solve problems that hinder the functioning of educational and administrative processes within the institution, To submit a set of proposal that are commensurate with the nature of the study, the most important of which is the need to invest experiences and successes in the exchange and dissemination of experiences achieved by the implementation of the previous four stages.