Strategic Wake and its Role in Enhancing Career maturity: An Analytical Study Of A Sample Of Managers In Mobile Telecommunications Company/ Zain Iraq


The current research was based on a descriptive and analytical presentation of the subject of strategic wake and its role in achieving indicators of career maturity to enhance the status of the investigated organization (Mobile Telecommunications Company/ Zain Iraq ) and to ensure its advantage by taking advantage of opportunities and avoiding threats in its competitive environment. The significant effect between the dimensions of strategic wake and indicators of career maturity using the questionnaire distributed to the sample of the researcher (30 respondents) of the decision-makers at various administrative levels and the research reached a set of conclusions that confirm anoah most of the link and impact relationships, and a set of proposals necessary for the organization surveyed, including the company,s need for more attention in order to activate and modernize the structure of the establishment of specialized units to research and development of sensing sudden movements to enable them to reply and respond to what is happening in the market work.