The Criterion of Lexical Coherence In "Cities of Salt" A Study In The Light of Text Linguistics


The text is regularized using certain procedures whether linguistic or non-linguistic to perform certain functional uses that their effect in text intention and its understanding. The linguists put forward seven criteria to text linguistics, one of the most important is lexical coherence as it provides the required connection for the utterances and sentences. It is of two types: Lexical coherence which depend on the vocabulary mentioned in the lexicon in a type of relation that joins two or more words in a text as it is a means of coherent vocabulary that tries to mix its parts lexically. Repetition and collocation are examples of such a type.Syntactic coherence which has its great effect in analyzing the text to its syntactic elements like elision, conjoining and substitution.The researcher used lexical coherence in "Cities of Salt" as a subject of our study as it totally depends on the lexicon and what constitute a relation between its parts that lead to the textual coherence that each Arabic context has.