Morphological Deformities in fresh and marine water fishes, Basrah, Iraq


Samples of fishes (116 species) were collected during April 2015 to Jun 2016 from East Hammar marsh and Khor Abdullah to detect morphological deformities. Nine types of deformities were recorded belongs to three main types of deformities (Vertebral deformity, Fins deformity and malformed mouth). Higher level of deformities were recorded in Carassius gibelio (7 type), Tenualosa ilisha (3 type), Pampus argenteus (3 type) and Planiliza abu (2 type)while in Carasobarbus luteus, Alburnus mossulensis, Acanthobra mamarmid, Planiliza subviridis and Acanthopagrus arabicus were one type for each species. All types of deformities were described and supported by photos. Malformed Mouth recorded in seven species of fish as first time in Iraq. Tail loss and partial or total loss of dorsal Fin recorded in fresh water and marine water fishes (C. gibelio and P. argenatus) as first time in Iraq. Split fine and Anal Fin Deformity considered as the first cases in Iraq in C. luteus and C. gibelio consequently. Undulation of caudal fin was recorded in two species, one of these from fresh water (C. gibelio) and anther from marine water (P. argenteus), the recording of this case in this species is considered as first in Iraq while skeletal anomalies recorded as the first case in C. gibelio in Iraq. By This study, we try to focus on the relationship between environmental change and some indicators like deformities, which possible give us imaginations about effects of this change on fish health.