Activity of cynophyta algal extracts (Anabaena azolla) against some species of fungi in local habitats


This study was done to indicate the activity of secondary metabolites of cyanophyta algal extracts for Anabaena azolla which isolate from one of running water system in Hilla city nearby Babylon university campus and development in BG11 medium to study the effective of secondary metabolites in An.azolla extracts (cold water, hot water, acetone and ethanol extracts) to inhibition two species of fungi (Fusarium oxysporum and Penecillium expansum) also used of HPLC and FT-IR analysis to detected some of active secondary metabolites was done only for acetone and ethanol extracts also to preliminary statements that used of four extracts of blue green alga Anabaena azolla. The role of An.azolla extracts to inhibition growth of these fungi was detected through measured diameter and percentage of inhibition zone which was increased with concentrations and the results showed these extracts had high correlation ratio and fungi shows high sensitivity to these extract. The mode of mechanism action to inhibition was on fungi cell wall by inhibition active enzymes, excelled treatment for cold water extract . The most important active compounds had been detected in HPLC and FT-IR were phenolic compounds which consists of (Tannic acid, Gallic acid and Coummarin) and flavonoids compounds consists of (Kaempherol and Quercetin) these all compounds detected specially in acetone extract of An.azolla , also to introductory statements which were detected six of active groups in extracts like (Terpens, glycosides, saponins, alkaloids, phenols and flavonoids) .