Titanium dioxide as photocatalyst for processing textile wastewater under UV light


The textile industries has been classified as one of the minor sources of pollution because it takes large quantities of water and bring large amounts of wastewater and colored dyes from multi stages of processing. The photo catalytic process is a very popular method of degradation and removal different dyes and one of most important agents of wastewater treatment in textile industries. In this research, dyes (Methyl Orange, Methylene blue, eriochrom black) degradation from the textile by product waste- water using commercial photocatalyst TiO2 was investigated. Different operating conditions ( catalyst , concentration , pH ) were studied and catalyst concentration range was ( 0.1 – 3 g / l) ,in addition pH values ( 10.2 , 7 , 5 , 12). Based on the results of this work, it may found that the optimum catalyst concentration was 2 g/l since maximum degradation percentage 60% was obtained and the optimum pH value was 7 since maximum degradation percentage was obtained at this value.