The effect of the industrial wastewater of Al-Furat company for chemical industries and pesticides on the quality of euphrates river


This research was deals with the specifications of the industrial wastewater of Al-Furat company for chemical industries and pesticides, which are discharged to the Euphrates river and the extent to which they conform to the Iraqi specifications of the river maintenance system. This study divided in two stages. The first stage was included the study physical and chemical properties of the industrial wastewater, The laboratory analyzes of physical – chemical characteristics were carried out for the water coming out from the treatment unit of the, which includes pH measurement, total dissolved solids TDS, total suspended solids TSS, Sulphate (SO4), chlorides Cl- and chemical oxygen demand COD for the period from July 2016 to February 2017. While the second stage was included the study of the determination for heavy metals such as (Pb, Cu, Fe, Cr, Hg) in both phases dissolved and particulate in water. The samples of the testing for the heavy metals were taking from three stations.It was found that the physical - chemical specifications of effluent water from the treatment unit for the most effects within the permissible limits excepting total dissolved solids (TDS) and electrical conductivity don’t meet with permissible limit. It was also noticed through the statistical analysis that there are differences in the interpretation of most of the effects due to fluctuations in the production of the company in terms of quantity and quality from time to another. While the result of the study was shown that the concentrations of heavy metals in the particulate phase were higher than those in dissolved phase in water .