Check list lizards of Iraq


In this study the Check list lizards of Iraq were investigated. by reviewing the old and new data as well as carrying out field work and study of material in the Natural history Museum of Iraq as well as many departments and colleges in various universities, are discussed.Further, various relevant websites in the Internet specialized lizards. I found in this study 7 families, 27 genera and 50 species distribution in the different parts of Iraq. During this study I found Asaccussaffinae (Afrasiab&Mohamad, 2009) the first time in SheraSwar Cave in the Saffine Mountain near Erbil, Kurdistan and the first record new species in Iraq and foundPtyodactyluspuiseuxi (Boutan, 1893) the first time in same area . Also foundCarinatogeckoheteropholis(Minton, S. Anderson, and J. A. Anderson, 1970) Which is one of the endemic species in western Iran in the Erbilwestern Zagros foothills in Erbil.Trapelusruderatus (Olivier, 1804) found in the central of Iraq. Cyrtopodionscaber (Heyden, 1827) Previously found in southern Iraq But recently also recorded in the center and northern Iraq.Varanusnesterovi (Bohme, Ehrlich, Milto, Orlov&Scholz, 2015) new species in the northern of Iraq. Lacerta media (Lantz &Cyren, 1758) found newly in central and northern of Iraq and Timonkurdistanicus,Apathyacappadocica (Werner, 1902) (Suchow, 1936) northern of Iraq. I note the two families were finding Previously in Iraq and they did not record any new genus and species in Iraq.