Effect of usage salts on as preservative on chemical and physical composition of Iraqi carp fish meat


This research was carried out to investigate the effect of using different salt concentrations on the chemical & physical composition of fish meat, to Find out how salting effects on the chemical composition of fish meat and to Comparison between salts concentrations in the effect on the chemical composition of fish meat. Three different salt concentrations were used (10%,20%and 30%), Samples of carp fish that were brought from the markets of AL-Qadisyah city, After treatment with the three salts concentrations, the samples were taken randomly after 7 days of treatment for the purpose of chemical & physical analysis, The results of chemical & physical analysis of fish meat showed a significant decrease (P<0.05) in the value of pH, as well as decrease in protein, fat and moisture ratio Compared to non-treated with salt (fresh fish) This is due to the salting process, which causes escape the water from tissues and changes in the osmosis and the formation of fats and proteins in genera